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Vegan Food Places in Heidelberg – update

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) A few months ago I shared a map with vegan food places in Heidelberg. Since then we visited a few more (it’s a hard job, I know ;)) and therefore I have updated… Read More

I was at Volkano restaurant

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Last week we celebrated my moms birthday here in Germany. She likes the fact that she can celebrate it somewhere else than home, so we had a nice few days together. The house… Read More

‘This is not Guacamole’ Guacamole – recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) A quick recipe for a side dish on a nice summer evening. I think it is perfect to accomplish a yummy wrap or to put on toast. The reason I called it ‘This… Read More

Vegetarian Meat Stuffed Bread – recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) As you may have noticed, I like bread. I know there is a lot going on about bread these days. I don’t know what to think of it, so in the mean time I… Read More

Easter Bird and Nest Bagels – recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) A special Easter bread at Easter brunch is the finishing touch. You can make or buy a nice big Easter bread, but you can also celebrate with cute small breads.

I was at Heldenmarkt

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Last weekend we went to the Heldenmarkt, here in Munich, and we liked it a lot! Heldenmarkt is a fair for sustainable consumption. And we found a few clothing brands, food stands and… Read More

Vegetarian Spring Rolls from the Oven- recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) A challenge, to say the least. I never made spring rolls and thought it was difficult to do. But in the end, it was an easy job! Another reason why I didn’t try… Read More

Vegetarian Roti – Recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) It is a strange feeling: after 11 years of searching for vegetarian recipes on the internet, in cook books and magazines I am now deliberately looking for a recipe with chicken. Don’t get… Read More

Kidneybean Sauce Recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I am still exploring the vegetarian/vegan possibilities of the Indian kitchen. I think it is a never ending story and today I share another chapter with you. My friend pointed this Rajma recipe… Read More

Bell Pepper Soup

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) You can serve soup for almost every occasion. In summer some fresh summer vegetables are perfect for your ‘liqud diner’ and in winter you can make it more filling with cheese, potatoes or… Read More