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Growing a different kind of grass

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I haven’t been here for the last few months. I wasn’t really sure about how I would continue my blog. It seems that Instagram is the best platform you could be right now…. Read More

Under Construction

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Nope, not the website! Although I haven’t written a post for a while. We are still renovating our house. Although we planned it would be ready (or live-able) right now, it is not…. Read More

The bag is back!

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Many years ago we scored a nice bag on the music festival Lowlands. With a half year subscription on a magazine you got a customized Eastpak bag. Very cool, but in time, the illustration… Read More

Settling – vegan shopping

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) While typing this, I am enjoying the sun and a nice view of our new backyard! The large windows are so perfect! With a real garden we also have to do garden work…. Read More

Mishmash moving post

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Currently it is a bit chaotic here, as in boxes are everywhere and (almost) everything Ikea has been taken apart. This time, next week, I will be sitting in our new-home-for-a-year in Holland. Sooo… Read More

Knitting Update – It’s Hip to be Square

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Yeah, always a positive thing when you finish a knitting project in time so you can still wear it. In this case, I knitted myself a cosy sweater which is better to wear… Read More

Moving Update #5

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Finally, moving days are over (we had to go back and get the boxes that didn’t fit the next day, an extra 700 km) and a lot of boxes are unpacked! We try… Read More

Moving Update #4

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I told you in the last moving update that we got the key to our new apartment last weekend. The apartment was still as nice as we imagined, unfortunately it was very dirty. I am… Read More

Moving Update #2

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Sorry, I didn’t manage my time very well. Just a brief moving update. We officially got the apartment! Yeah! And we arranged we can stay until the end of September in our old… Read More

Moving Update #1

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Because I have less time to write ‘normal’ recipe, DIY or inspiration posts I try to fill the holes with moving updates. This is the first. House hunts are nice when you can either… Read More