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Chocolate Topping for Ice-cream – vegan recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Last summer I think I finished about 10 small bottles of chocolate topping for ice-cream. You know, the one that hardens when you poor it on something cold. Yeah, I know, pretty addicting… Read More

Tofu Bread Topping – Recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) You know the feeling that you buy something for too much money and you think it could be so much cheaper when you make it yourself? Happens a lot to me. Last time… Read More

Marry Me Cookies

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Well, not actually ‘me’ as a person, but more a ‘me’ in general. In this case I made them for a friend who is getting married today and tomorrow. I cannot attend his… Read More

Going nuts for Topping

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) To give an extra taste to the pudding I gave you the recipe for last week, you can use whipped cream. But a bit of nuts on top is adding a different kind… Read More