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What I eat before I run

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Yesterday I ran the Strong Viking and it was so cool! The weather was just perfect and the obstacles were challenging. And I can say, I am pretty proud that I succeeded the… Read More

My go to recipe websites

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) After another horrible picture of suffering animals I decided to take the step of going vegan. Right now I made that decision for a part of my meals. There are two things why… Read More

Royal Blood is great!

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) When I saw the video for their song ‘Figure it out’, I knew for sure: Royal Blood is great! They just started and I don’t know a lot about them except that they… Read More

My Money Saving Tips

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) There are a lot of ways to save money. I figured I can tell you a few of mine, maybe it helps you. We are in a crisis after all. Do I Really… Read More