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Pistachio-Lemon biscuits – vegan recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I am not good at recipe making from scratch. Almost always I use a recipe I found somewhere online or in a magazine and adapt it pretty heavily, so in the end it… Read More

What I eat before I run

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Yesterday I ran the Strong Viking and it was so cool! The weather was just perfect and the obstacles were challenging. And I can say, I am pretty proud that I succeeded the… Read More

Yummy Present!

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) The boyfriend gave me a very nice present! I already forgot about it, but he remembered I was curious about the cookbook India. It got such good reviews and it basically tells you… Read More

Evernote Crush

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) This image is a printscreen from my online Evernote account I am a little bit chaotic. I always tell myself that a creative mind cannot live without a bit of chaos. Ahum. Not… Read More

Easter Bread Inspiration

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Image from The Italian Dish On Easter Sunday I love to have a table full of yummy things like special bread, organic eggs, matzo and chocolate sprinkles (what is a Dutch girl without… Read More