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Peanut&Chocolate Ice-cream – Eggless

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) As I told you before, there is always an excuse to eat ice-cream (even in winter!). When I was given a bottle of whipped cream as a left-over from a dinner I had… Read More

Going nuts for Topping

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) To give an extra taste to the pudding I gave you the recipe for last week, you can use whipped cream. But a bit of nuts on top is adding a different kind… Read More

‘Bitterkoekjes’ Pudding

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Bitterkoekje is the Dutch word for a kind of amaretti cookie. Because I couldn’t find a good English word for the cookie I used the Dutch word. So you will learn a bit… Read More

Plate Pizza – my style vegetarian

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) This time I didn’t get the recipe from an Italian friend and I have to warn you, it is probably not Italian at all! It is just my version of a pizza, and… Read More

Grilled vegetables from the oven – Indian Style

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) This recipe is from an Indian friend who can easily open his own restaurant. And we agreed on him doing the main dishes and I will bake and make desserts. Unfortunately for us,… Read More

Pepernoten or ‘Pepper Nuts’

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Another traditional Dutch sweetness, but this time for the 5th of December. That date in Holland (and the 6th in Belgium) Sinterklaas gives the children loads of presents. He is the Dutch Santa… Read More

Apple Turnover

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) New Years Eve is still 1 1/2 month away, but with this recipe I will introduce a Dutch New Years Eve treat. The apple turnovers and ‘oliebollen’ are traditionally eaten at a New… Read More

Fresh Pumpkin Soup

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Autumn has arrived and those bright orange pumpkins are decorating doorways, supermarket alleys and gardens. Since orange is the national color of my home country and pumpkin a perfect autumn vegetable (or is… Read More

No Bake Date Pie

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) This pie is going to be an instant success on your birthday, house warming or other celebration party. Even if it is not a party, this pie makes it a party. The truth… Read More