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The Collab Dress

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) In the previous post I told you that I would later share my special dress with you. I wore it last week at my brothers wedding, so now I can show it here… Read More

My own Esther

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Since I follow Esther the Wonderpig on Facebook I am a fan. I already wrote about Esther and her dads and why I love them here. Their Facebook posts make me smile every… Read More

Moving Update #4

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I told you in the last moving update that we got the key to our new apartment last weekend. The apartment was still as nice as we imagined, unfortunately¬†it¬†was very dirty. I am… Read More

Moving Update #2

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Sorry, I didn’t manage my time very well. Just a brief moving update. We officially got the apartment! Yeah! And we arranged we can stay until the end of September in our old… Read More

‘Oh Deer’ T-shirt DIY

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I got some freezer paper from a friend who traveled to the States (I can’t find it here)! And I used it to make her a t-shirt with her favorite phrase. Besides, who… Read More

Changing the Flip-Flops

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Sometimes there is a wardrobe item you wish you had bought two of. Because your perfect red dress/white blouse/black shirt isn’t in its best conditions anymore and you miss it already. I had… Read More

DIY – Saving the Trousers

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) So annoying when you spill chocolate milk all over one of your favorite pants! It happened to my boyfriend. He came home with chocolate stains on his light trousers and thought it was… Read More