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Stocking the online shop

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Slowly getting there! I am knitting my way through summer, by mostly knitting hats! Sounds crazy, right? But I am doing my best to stock up my online shop Green Grass Studios. These… Read More

Untangled Earphones – DIY

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) First let me welcome you, after a few weeks of vacation, on my new site. From now on my blog will appear here, on ilovegreengrass.net (thank you big little brother for arranging this!)…. Read More

DIY – Turn your favorite band T-shirt into a dress

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Because I wear more dresses than trousers, buying another band t-shirt is only making the inside of my closet look good. So this time when I saw the band merchandise at the Monster Truck… Read More

I was at a Royal Blood concert

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) This video is not from the concert we visited! We didn’t take any pictures (but I got myself a nice t-shirt), so I attached this video to give you an idea. I know… Read More

I was at Down the Rabbit Hole Festival

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) …and it was perfect! Well, OK, except for the toilets at the camping site. I think you had to walk about 1 km, just to visit the toilets. But all the other things… Read More

Birth of Joy – music tip

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I am well aware that my music taste isn’t really an average taste. I like other bands and music genres as well, but the type of music Birth of Joy plays is definitely… Read More

Hola Unblocker

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) It sometimes feels as if I live in the land of blocked music videos. Well, wait! I do live in the land of block music videos! Here in Germany almost everything is protected… Read More

Celebration Day

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) We were certain it would appear on DVD. The camera work and footage we saw when we were there looked so professional! So, we waited and waited and almost gave up hope. But… Read More