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The Collab Dress

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) In the previous post I told you that I would later share my special dress with you. I wore it last week at my brothers wedding, so now I can show it here… Read More

Homemade Lamp – a thank you

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I must have told you earlier that my mom is my biggest fan. She likes every Facebook post of the ILoveGreenGrass Facebook page and makes sure her friends know about my DIY projects… Read More

A Winter Flower Piece – diy

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) My mom, when she feels ok, likes to be busy with flowers and plants. In the summer the garden looks like one from a magazine, flowers everywhere en there are multiple spots where… Read More

My own Esther

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Since I follow Esther the Wonderpig on Facebook I am a fan. I already wrote about Esther and her dads and why I love them here. Their Facebook posts make me smile every… Read More

Happy Birthday Mom!

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Today it is my mothers birthday and she and my father came to visit us to celebrate it together! Because I scheduled this post for the evening I can write about what will… Read More

Granny Scrub

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Why not surpise your grandma for Valentines day? Or you change the Granny Scrub into Mommy Scrub! A last-minute DIY Valentine gift idea, easy and made with love. For the oil you can… Read More