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Holiday Recipes Redo – Vegan Mango Lassi

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) For the holidays we decided to make an Indian style diner (I mean I just got this huge Indian recipe book, so enough inspiration!). And because we thought it would be easier to… Read More

Kidneybean Sauce Recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I am still exploring the vegetarian/vegan possibilities of the Indian kitchen. I think it is a never ending story and today I share another chapter with you. My friend pointed this Rajma recipe… Read More

Roti Bread

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) While improving my Indian cooking skills I got atta flour as a little present. This way I can accompany my recipes with roti bread. Since I never made it, Manjula’s Kitchen provided instructions… Read More

Samosa Snack

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Like I already mentioned here, the fact that we have international friends makes me a rich person, also recipe wise. My Indian friend taught me the most wonderful Indian recipes and lucky me… Read More