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Trip to Heidelberg

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Since February of this year we are living in Holland again. Before that we lived close to Heidelberg. And now we are going to visit Heidelberg again, just for a few days. I… Read More

I was at Oproer restaurant

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Search for a vegan restaurant in Holland and you will find no more than a handful. Lucky for us one of these was on route when we were on our way back home. So… Read More

What I eat before I run

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Yesterday I ran the Strong Viking and it was so cool! The weather was just perfect and the obstacles were challenging. And I can say, I am pretty proud that I succeeded the… Read More

Vegan Food Places in Heidelberg – update

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) A few months ago I shared a map with vegan food places in Heidelberg. Since then we visited a few more (it’s a hard job, I know ;)) and therefore I have updated… Read More

I was at Falafel dinner cafe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I already started eating, before I figured I had to take a picture. It looked that good 😉 Another diner I can add to my list of vegan food places in Heidelberg is… Read More

Vegan Food Places in Heidelberg

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden)     In Heidelberg there are more and more food places where they have a nice range of vegan dishes. Time for a personalized map with the options I have knowledge of. The… Read More

I was at Kilimanjaro restaurant

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) (screenshot from the restaurants website) This wasn’t really a planned post, so I didn’t take any pictures while I was there, but I had to share (and you just have to trust me… Read More

I was at Coox and Candy

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Visiting a concert in Ludwigsburg can conveniently be combined with a visit to a vegan restaurant. So I picked one that looked good, as far as I could see from the website, and… Read More

I was at Heldenmarkt

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Last weekend we went to the Heldenmarkt, here in Munich, and we liked it a lot! Heldenmarkt is a fair for sustainable consumption. And we found a few clothing brands, food stands and… Read More

A Pie of Bird Food

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) When it is cold outside and natures bright colors are gone for a while, we like to give the birds something extra. How calming it is to see those birds come and go… Read More