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Eating on Grass

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) In the summer time I like to be outside a lot. During the warm evenings knitting on the couch, doing yoga in the grass or sitting at the table writing a blogpost. All… Read More

Stain Away – diy

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) The stain in my sweater dress was a powerful one! It became invisible after attempt number 3 of covering it. And before that I obviously tried various soaps and detergents, without any luck.

Reusable Bread Bag – diy

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Why not make some bread bags out of trimmed curtain fabric? Well, the fabric is an unbleached cotton, so the choice is probably not as strange as it seems. 

The bag is back!

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Many years ago we scored a nice bag on the music festival Lowlands. With a half year subscription on a magazine you got a customized Eastpak bag. Very cool, but in time, the illustration… Read More

Toilet Paper Holder – diy

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) ‘Actually, now I look at it, it shouldn’t be so difficult to make’ – is something I think a lot. And sometimes I am right! My mom asked me to make a toilet… Read More

Summer Skirt

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I finally made a skirt with some of the Vlisco fabric I ordered a year ago! I still have plenty of fabric left, so I want to make another skirt and maybe a… Read More

Table Mat DIY

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) When I bought cork table mats at Ikea a few months ago I knew I would give them a fancy layer. And I did it, yeah! I just used the same method as… Read More

Mouse Pad – diy

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) My old mouse pad, it must be at least 8 years old (it came with my Dell computer which earned its retirement about 2 1/2 years ago) is falling apart. And actually it… Read More

Paradise T-shirt – DIY

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Another T-shirt that got a home made print. This time with a quote from one of my favorite songs (that also refers to ‘green grass’) in a bright color combination. It is a… Read More

Simple Loop Scarf – diy

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Remember the cocoon jacket I sewed and showed you last week in this post? I also mentioned that there was enough fabric left to make a loop scarf. Although the temperatures are not… Read More