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Sunglasses Case DIY

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I know, it seems not a really good timing, a post about sunglasses when autumn has arrived. Two excuses why I think it is the best timing to show how you can make… Read More

DIY Cover for your E-reader #2

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) The first time I made an e-reader cover, it was for the boyfriend. I wrote a tutorial and I am still very happy with how it turned out. The second time was for… Read More

Upyarn your Lamp – Ikea Hack

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Originally, I bought the Väte lamps for a DIY, I just didn’t know what to do with it exactly. I started by painting some flowers on it, but in the end it felt… Read More

DIY Galaxy Shoes

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Told you that I couldn’t just leave the whole galaxy print behind! I happened to have two pairs of exactly the same sneakers. Since both pairs were getting old (I think I ended… Read More

Granny Scrub

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Why not surpise your grandma for Valentines day? Or you change the Granny Scrub into Mommy Scrub! A last-minute DIY Valentine gift idea, easy and made with love. For the oil you can… Read More

DIY Travel Pillow

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Wow, 9 years already. And my love is going on a work trip next week. That includes long flights and waiting and missing his darlings of course. So a little gift to celebrate… Read More