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Autumn Flowerpiece in a Fishbowl – diy

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) My mom is a star in making beautiful flower pieces. Last time when I was at my parents house she had taken the old fish bowl and made a nice flower piece that… Read More

Free Halloween print

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) This time of year zombies, vampires and pumpkins getting ready for Halloween. I like the creativity of that holiday and was thinking about a Halloween diy. But that changed into a scary free… Read More

Moving Update #6 Decorating our hallway

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) This week I decided to get rid of some empty walls and start decorating (nope no Christmas decorations yet, we will get a Christmas tree this weekend). The fun thing is we already… Read More

My own Esther

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Since I follow Esther the Wonderpig on Facebook I am a fan. I already wrote about Esther and her dads and why I love them here. Their Facebook posts make me smile every… Read More

Spring Flower Arrangement – DIY

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) May I present to you: my mom. She is a very creative lady: she paints, makes flower arrangements and is very good at gardening and home decoration. Since she makes so many nice… Read More

A Pie of Bird Food

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) When it is cold outside and natures bright colors are gone for a while, we like to give the birds something extra. How calming it is to see those birds come and go… Read More

Marry Me Cookies

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Well, not actually ‘me’ as a person, but more a ‘me’ in general. In this case I made them for a friend who is getting married today and tomorrow. I cannot attend his… Read More

DIY – Easter Decoration

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Bringing a hint of Easter in the home with a decoration for the willow branches I have standing here. I am not a real fan of decorating with eggs, i love little chickens… Read More

DIY- From Bird T-shirt to Bird Pillow

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) When I was ‘screen shopping’ a few weeks ago (window shopping on the internet), I saw a very nice t-shirt in the sale section of H&M man. It was a t-shirt with different… Read More