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Where my knittings at

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) As for most knitters around December: I am doing a lot of ‘gift-knitting’ lately. That’s why I haven’t done a lot of knitting I can share, because it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore…… Read More

Cold Breeze Wear – Upcycle DIY

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Although the sun is happily shining here and we enjoy the first days we can walk outside without a coat, it can still be chilly once┬áthe sun is behind the clouds. For those… Read More

Homemade Christmas Gifts Idea #4 – Gone Fishing

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Ready for another Christmas gift idea? If you know someone who likes to fish, this is a perfect gift for him or her. Personally I think I am way too impatient to sit… Read More

Fight the Cold

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) image groentefruit.blogspot.com I am having a bad cold, so a short post today. While sniffing I wondered if a lot of people know how to get a little help from nature when feeling… Read More