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Peanut Ice-Cream with Chocolate and Caramel – vegan recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Yes, I finally made my own peanut butter! And how easy: just put unsalted peanuts in a kitchen machine, blend, add some oil, blend some more and done. It tastes really good, better… Read More

Stracciatella Cake- vegan recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Remember when I told you about the cake that I made back in January? The taste was good, the structure a mess. I made it again with a few different ingredients.

My Take on Apple Crumble – vegan recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Nowadays we have a subscription on weekly fruit bags at our local store. Although I love fruit and eat loads of fruit each week, the apples are mostly with too many. Good that the… Read More

Almond Ice-cream with chocolate and sea salt – vegan recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I made a lot of ice-cream the last few years, but nut flavours weren’t featured. Mostly because I didn’t know how to get the nut in the ice without a lumpy texture. I… Read More

Easy Peasy Vegan Ice-Cream Popsicles

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Enjoying the spring weather? Wow, the sun gives me a huge energy boost after a few dark grey weeks in January. And what better way to celebrate beautiful weather than with an ice-cream?!… Read More

Quick and Easy Puff Pastry Rolls – vegan recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) This is such an easy recipe and perfect if you have some guests over, but forgot to bake something. Preparations will take only a few minutes and they are delicious right from the… Read More

Chocolate Topping for Ice-cream – vegan recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Last summer I think I finished about 10 small bottles of chocolate topping for ice-cream. You know, the one that hardens when you poor it on something cold. Yeah, I know, pretty addicting… Read More

A Dark Rocky Road – Recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Days are getting shorter and rain and wind are fighting with the  leaves that are still holding on to their branches. As much as I would like to think during summer I can… Read More

Dark Chocolate Brownie Ice-cream (eggless)

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) My ice-cream experimenting was going on well, but I had to tell everyone: ‘I like my home made ice-cream, but my favorite flavor is still Ben&Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie’. Had! I found my… Read More

2 Way Strawberry Ice-cream (eggless)

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Ice-cream is my latest challenge and I just keep on making it, because there are so many flavors and it is ice-cream weather! This plus the fact it is strawberry season were the… Read More