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Meet the Maker on Kollabora

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Weehoooo! How cool to see an interview with yourself. Strange but cool. I was asked by Kollabora if I would like to appear in the ‘Meet the Maker section’ and said yes obviously!… Read More

I like to move it, move it….

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) …I like to move it, move it, we like to… move it!! I wish I liked moving as much as I they do in the┬áMadagascar movie, because we are on the move again…. Read More

Sunshine Award

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Picture: verbeelding.org The lovely Fieke from Fiekefatjerietjes nominated me/my blog for the Sunshine award. I never really heard of this award, but hey, it makes my blog look even better so why not… Read More

The Grass is Getting Greener – The Liebster Award

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! Yeah! So I want to thank my mother, father, brother, the boyfriend, my cats……. and of course Carmen from Crafty Queens who nominated me (and… Read More

Follow me on Facebook

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Just want to let you guys know that this blog has a little tail on Facebook. I am really happy with all you following my blog! So I thought, you may like the… Read More