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Easter nests – vegan recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Didn’t plan this post, but when I was making some Easter treats this afternoon I was thinking: why shouldn’t I share them on the blog?! It is actually not really a recipe, more… Read More

‘Wrapped’ Easter Decoration – DIY

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Looking for some subtle Easter decoration I first thought of making pompoms and changing them into little chickens and bunnies. Well, that isn’t subtle, I can tell you. But while I was in… Read More

Easter Bird and Nest Bagels – recipe

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) A special Easter bread at Easter brunch is the finishing touch. You can make or buy a nice big Easter bread, but you can also celebrate with cute small breads.

A Pie of Bird Food

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) When it is cold outside and natures bright colors are gone for a while, we like to give the birds something extra. How calming it is to see those birds come and go… Read More

DIY- From Bird T-shirt to Bird Pillow

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) When I was ‘screen shopping’ a few weeks ago (window shopping on the internet), I saw a very nice t-shirt in the sale section of H&M man. It was a t-shirt with different… Read More