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DIY – Turn your favorite band T-shirt into a dress

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Because I wear more dresses than trousers, buying another band t-shirt is only making the inside of my closet look good.┬áSo this time when I saw the band merchandise at the Monster Truck… Read More

Summer Head Band from Scraps – diy

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I am not sewing every day, but I really love to do it (even with the knowledge that more than 50% doesn’t end up the way I imagined). Right now I am trying… Read More

Royal Blood is great!

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) When I saw the video for their song ‘Figure it out’, I knew for sure: Royal Blood is great! They just started and I don’t know a lot about them except that they… Read More

I was at Down the Rabbit Hole Festival

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) …and it was perfect! Well, OK, except for the toilets at the camping site. I think you had to walk about 1 km, just to visit the toilets. But all the other things… Read More

Birth of Joy – music tip

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I am well aware that my music taste isn’t really an average taste. I like other bands and music genres as well, but the type of music Birth of Joy plays is definitely… Read More