Greens in the Making

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The garden is an ongoing project here and I think we need a bit of time (or lots) until we can say it is ready. But every step is a positive one and we high-five when we finish another meter of driveway. Wanting to do it without any professional gardening help may be a slow way, but it certainly is a satisfying way.

Vegan Power – recipe

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Eating vegan is super easy, I think. Once you get past reading ingredient lists in the supermarket (this is something I did when I went vegan and on vacation), you know what items contain animal products. That, and eating 1 multi-vitamin supplement a day for the B12 and D intake. A super small effort and a big plus is that you feel so much better! I got more energy and my mom kept telling me my skin was looking so good.

Veggies and Fruits Subscription

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It’s Friday!
For me the day I go and get my crate of vegetables. Huh, what?
Well, I wrote about it earlier, but I want to share a few images of the vegetables that we get with a 2 person weekly subscription.

Fresh Greens

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Welcome on my newer blog!
A lot stayed the same, and my older posts are still here. I just want to focus a bit more on living the green life – which is now added as navigation option so you can easily find blog posts that are related to that theme. But I will also still write about, food, obstacle runs and knitting (and maybe rock music every once in a while).

And you can now also follow me on Instagram. Yes, eventually I decided it would be nice to share some pics there, with a focus on the things I share here on my blog.

I hope I see you around!


Vers Groens

Welkom op mijn nieuwere blog!
Veel is hetzelfde gebleven, en mijn oudere posts zijn er nog. Ik wilde me alleen meer gaan focussen op het groene leven – nu ook als navigatie optie toegevoegd aan het menu om apart te zoeken op blogposts met dat thema. Maar ik zal ook nog steeds over eten, obstacle runs en breien schrijven (en misschien af en toe over rockmuziek).

En je kan me nu ook volgen op Instagram. Yep, uiteindelijk bedacht ik me dat het leuk zou zijn om daar foto’s te delen, met een focus op de dingen die ik hier deel op mijn blog.

Ik hoop dat je hier terugzie!


Growing a different kind of grass

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I haven’t been here for the last few months. I wasn’t really sure about how I would continue my blog. It seems that Instagram is the best platform you could be right now. And I don’t have an Instagram account. But maybe I should get one…. And what would I share there and on the blog? Is it better to leave Facebook? How can I display my ideas, DIY’s and creations better?

Chocolate and Red Fruit Cake – vegan recipe

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What to do with all those Easter eggs now Easter is over? Well, I am pretty good at eating it all 🙂 But you could also bake a delicious chocolate cake with it! Because, who doesn’t like chocolate cake?

An Easter-themed Cat Toy – diy

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After visiting a garden center, I came home with a pack of cat nip (besides some actual plants for the garden). And because I love my cats I had to drop all other knitting and knit a cat toy stuffed with cat nip. After searching Ravelry I came across these cute catnip bunnies. It was an instant success with our two cats so I had to make more of these toys!

Still Sweater Weather

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Today it is almost double sweater weather, with temperatures of -2 degrees and some serious wind gusts. Good for me I finished the Harewoods1 sweater in time to actually wear it now that it’s still cold outside!

Taking my knitting to the test

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Sometimes I like to stroll around on (the knitting platform) Ravelry, not only to see new patterns, but also to check what is possible with the yarn I have in my stash or to look at the creativity of people. This time I was curious what my Ravelry friends where up to and that is how I stumbled upon a nice sweater pattern.

Spiced Apple Cake

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We are celebrating our reinstalled oven by baking, me, and eating, the boyfriend, cakes, pizza, oven dishes and cookies. And with that, finally, trying some new recipes again. I baked this apple cake twice now and can truly say, this is the cake you want to eat on a rainy Sunday afternoon, preferably alongside the fireplace ;). Although the fireplace is on our wish list, not in our house, yet.