Vegan Meringues

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I made some curry last weekend (this is my go to recipe) and when I was adding the chickpeas I figured I could use the chickpea-water (also known as aquafaba) to make some meringue. I tried it once before and it was a huge success. Literally, because the whipped aquafaba grew bigger than my kitchen machine could handle.

Cat in a Box

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As I probably mentioned before: we have a small house and a big garden. And it is much easier to plant more trees and flowers in a spacious garden than it is to coordinate items in a house that is smaller than the places we lived before.

We see it as a challenge and try to create storage place in a small space. For our first (and only above ground level) floor, we had to think of a solution for the slanted roof. On one side there were already cabinets created by installing sliding doors.

Sew It (for) Myself

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In this house we try not to buy a lot of clothes. And if we do buy a piece of clothing almost all the times it is fair-trade, eco or both. Just because we don’t want to fuel the system that does harm to people and environment.

It sometimes can be hard, because, when you are looking for a specific item, it can be that the (growing number of) eco/fair clothing shops don’t have it in store. A big help in our search is always Project CeCe – a platform where they combine conscious clothing brands and you can search their stock (I know it is a Dutch and German platform, but I am sure more platforms like this exist in other countries).


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Recently I discovered bouldering and now I am the proud owner of a pair of climbing shoes and a subscription to the bouldering hall in the area.

Sour Dough Bread making – part 1

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Before we lived in Germany I didn’t like sour dough bread. The first few years I even baked my own ‘yeast’ bread because it was hard to find ‘normal’ bread where we lived.

My Dude

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The Dude cardigan knitting

Starting the new year, I can also start a new knitting project, yeah! That is, because I finished a big item, a cardigan for the boyfriend just in time for Christmas. And I almost finished a sweater for a friend.

A nice way to give

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This month marks our 1 year anniversary of living in the new house! We still need more time to completely settle, but the holiday decorations really help. We put a tiny Christmas tree inside and decorated trees outside with lights. I even hang ornaments in ‘normal’ plants in the house to let them blend in.

Warm Ears

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Yesterday the family was expanded, of animal hats that is. With the colder weather I figured a little mouse and a cute fox should be created to keep some ears warm. They are for sale in my webshop

The Fire Place

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Buying a house built around 1900, we knew there would be some problems with draft. We were lucky that the roof was recently renewed, including proper isolation. In and on this old house we got a heat pump and solar panels installed, transforming it in a fairly modern house – energy-wise. The disadvantage is that we noticed the house still has some ‘holes’ in the isolation, giving the heat pump a hard time.

Insert a fire place! Because it keeps us warm during the colder days (and when the heat pump needs a few days to adjust in periods with temperature drops) and is super nice to look at. Who needs a TV when they got a fire place? OK, we still watch our Netflix, but we can also gaze into the fire from now on.

Recycling Yarn

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Wool is a dilemma for me. Since we slowly moved our lifestyle into a vegan lifestyle almost everything could be easily replaced. But as a knitter, wool is for me the hardest to let go of. As for clothing, I don’t buy clothing with wool in it anymore. Making it myself is a different story.