Stracciatella Cake- vegan recipe

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Remember when I told you about the cake that I made back in January? The taste was good, the structure a mess. I made it again with a few different ingredients. Check it out/Lees meer

I opened an online store

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Yes, it really happened! I opened an online store! I am still filling the digital shelves, so right now there are only a few things you can buy in my Green Grass Studios shop. Check it out/Lees meer

Peanut and Jelly Cookies – vegan recipe

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I feel a bit home sick, while being at home….That is because I miss my oven. We live temporarily in a rental house (one year now) which hasn’t got an oven. We bought a combination oven (with microwave), but it isn’t the same. It is small and it just doesn’t work as well as a bigger ‘normal’ oven. Check it out/Lees meer

I was at a Yarn Fair

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Nice yarns right?! I bought these yarns at the Handwerkbeurs, a big craft fair here in Holland, and now I am even happier than I already was. Check it out/Lees meer

The bag is back!

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Many years ago we scored a nice bag on the music festival Lowlands. With a half year subscription on a magazine you got a customized Eastpak bag. Very cool, but in time, the illustration got worn off and turned into a blank pale ‘piece’. That’s why the bag needed an update, also because it is still a very handy and useful bag. Check it out/Lees meer

My Take on Apple Crumble – vegan recipe

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Nowadays we have a subscription on weekly fruit bags at our local store. Although I love fruit and eat loads of fruit each week, the apples are mostly with too many. Good that the fridge keeps the apples fresh. But when I see the pile of apples growing, I often use them in a (sweet) dish.

Applesauce is the easy option, but apple pie or muffins are the boyfriends favorites. I haven’t made apple crumble very often, but I always like the warm apples with dough straight from the oven. So I could have made an easy yummy crumble, but this time I wanted to make a special apple crumble. Check it out/Lees meer

Meet the Maker on Kollabora

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Weehoooo! How cool to see an interview with yourself. Strange but cool. I was asked by Kollabora if I would like to appear in the ‘Meet the Maker section’ and said yes obviously! Now the interview, including pictures, can be seen on their website.

So if you don’t think you know me already, or just curious? Go check it out! Check it out/Lees meer

A good start

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The new year is here and I planned a blog post for last weekend. To start 2017 with a yummy recipe. But that didn’t work out the way I had planned it. Check it out/Lees meer

DIY for Christmas

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I had to look it up, but my blog is almost 4 1/2 years old. First of all, I never expected that I would keep it going this long. And second of all, it has given me a lot.

Besides compliments, exposure and thumbs up, also confidence and a nice gentle push to keep staying creative and think of how to diy instead of buy. Thank you for your visits and support!

And because Christmas is around the corner: a couple of DIY ideas for Christmas from my blog, I Love Green Grass. (And I really do! Love Green Grass :)) Nothing better than a gift made by you, because you can buy all the stuff in the world, but attention is really something that can only be given. Happy holidays! Check it out/Lees meer

Sweet Autumn Roll – vegan recipe

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We celebrated Sinterklaas last weekend. It is the Dutch Santa Claus, and he also brings presents, yeah! Of course there are also sweets for this special event. Maybe you heard about pepernoten (basically gingerbread in small drops)? We also eat chocolate letters, taai taai (the chewy variant on pepernoten, with a bit more anise), and sugar animals. Despite all of the sugar (which you buy at the store most of the times), I still managed to bake more sweet things. Check it out/Lees meer