Spiced Apple Cake

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We are celebrating our reinstalled oven by baking, me, and eating, the boyfriend, cakes, pizza, oven dishes and cookies. And with that, finally, trying some new recipes again. I baked this apple cake twice now and can truly say, this is the cake you want to eat on a rainy Sunday afternoon, preferably alongside the fireplace ;). Although the fireplace is on our wish list, not in our house, yet. Check it out/Lees meer

From Finish to Start

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A very healthy, happy, green and creative 2018 for you! How was your start of the New Year? Mine was pretty relaxed, at least I tried, but I have trouble sitting still (those boxes are not going to unpack themselves :)). I am not a person for new years resolutions, but if I were,  ‘making time to knit and sew’ would be one of them.

Since I finished 2017 with a couple of finished projects I would like to share two with you here. Most of them were gifts, which I couldn’t share before, because it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore. Check it out/Lees meer

New Year, New House

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Yes, we did it! We moved into our little house. We still have loads to do, but it is finished enough to live in. I will show you some pics of the interior later, because right now we still have boxes to unpack and walls to paint. (Scroll down to see pictures of the last days of renovation before we moved in!) Check it out/Lees meer

Under Construction

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Nope, not the website! Although I haven’t written a post for a while. We are still renovating our house. Although we planned it would be ready (or live-able) right now, it is not. Not that things are going bad, they are just going slower then expected.

Two things I learned along the way: Check it out/Lees meer

Relax…and knit

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Although lately most of my time is spent renovating our house and everything that has to do with it, knitting remains a daily activity. Mostly for relaxation, but at the same time I am finishing a few projects that are going to be presents.

I also finished a sweater I was knitting for a friend. The yarn I used was unraveled from another project she had lying around. At first I didn’t know if the wool would be a good combination for the pattern, but I think it is the perfect match.

The pattern I used is the Ladder Sleeve Pullover and can be found here. It is a pretty easy and quick knit. It is knit from left to right, which I loved. Because it is different from the ‘normal’ top down or bottom up sweater patters. If you would like to have more details on my knitted sweater, check it on Ravelry.

Now back to house construction: on Saturday I will attend a workshop concrete ciré. I am very curious and hope I can learn enough there to apply it on our new bathroom and toilet. I think you will see, haha.


Relax en brei

Hoewel ik de laatste tijd vooral bezig ben met het verbouwen van ons huis en alles wat daarmee te maken heeft, brei ik ook nog dagelijks. Vooral om te relaxen, maar tegelijkertijd maak ik een paar breiwerkjes af die kadootjes gaan zijn.

Daarnaast heb ik ook een trui afgebreid die ik aan het breien was voor een vriend. Het garen kwam van een breiwerk dat ze nog had liggen en vervolgens heeft losgehaald. Eerst dacht ik dat de wol misschien niet zo goed zou passen bij het patroon, maar uiteindelijk denk ik dat het juist de perfecte combinatie is.

Het patroon dat ik gebruikt heb is de Ladder Sleeve Pullover en kun je hier vinden (wel alleen in het Engels helaas). Het is een niet al te moeilijk en snel project dat van links naar rechts gebreid wordt, wat ik superleuk vond om te doen. Omdat normaal gesproken een trui van onder naar boven of van boven naar onder gebreid wordt was dit even net wat anders om te breien. Als je meer details wil over de trui die ik gebreid heb, kijk dan even op m’n Ravelrypagina.

Nu terug naar het klussen in huis. Zaterdag ga ik een workshop beton ciré volgen. Ik ben heel benieuwd en ik kan hopelijk ook genoeg leren om het toe te passen in onze nieuwe badkamer en toilet. Ik denk dat je dat wel zal gaan zien, haha.

Our Tiny House

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It has been a bit more quiet here on the blog, and on my I Love Green Grass Facebook page. Sorry for that! But I have a good reason. We just bought a house!

We are super happy, but also nervous, because a lot has to be done before we can move in…..We own a house now, I get old 😉
Check it out/Lees meer

The Red Overall

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I promised to make my cute nephew an overall, but it took me almost a year to actually sew one. Check it out/Lees meer

Peanut Ice-Cream with Chocolate and Caramel – vegan recipe

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Yes, I finally made my own peanut butter! And how easy: just put unsalted peanuts in a kitchen machine, blend, add some oil, blend some more and done. It tastes really good, better than the peanut butter you buy at the store! It tastes even better when you turn it into ice-cream. Check it out/Lees meer

Stocking the online shop

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Slowly getting there! I am knitting my way through summer, by mostly knitting hats! Sounds crazy, right? But I am doing my best to stock up my online shop Green Grass Studios.

These are the hats I made the last few weeks. Check it out/Lees meer

Eating on Grass

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In the summer time I like to be outside a lot. During the warm evenings knitting on the couch, doing yoga in the grass or sitting at the table writing a blogpost. All outside, enjoying the summer breeze that carries the smell of pine forest (one of the benefits of living in a forest!). Check it out/Lees meer