Shaving Cream – diy

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For a while now we try to make ‘greener’ choices in the bathroom. At first we used bottled shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. But now we buy almost everything in blocks, so no, or just a little packaging is involved. Good that I bulked up on empty body butter containers, because they are perfect to hold the shampoo and soap bars.

Happy Rainy Market

It has been quiet around here the last few weeks. But I had a good reason: I was knitting my fingers off, to finish as much baby hats and headbands as I possibly could before the 6th of October.

Growing some Green Fingers

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With first a few days of rain and now already a week of sunshine, the garden started its second blooming period. As if all the flowers are refreshed and feel alive, they showcase their colors. It makes me smile and enjoy the place we live more and more.

Our edible part of the garden is also giving us its best (well, except for the lettuce – last year we had so much lettuce in our vegetable garden, this year it just doesn’t want to grow). We see the grapes getting more color day by day, a second pumpkin is turning orange, we can pick fresh cherry tomatoes every day, multiple courgettes are growing from one small plant and there is more to come.

Fancy Pants

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The boyfriend asked for yoga pants. Those are basically pyjama pants but made with a linen or soft cotton (at least that is my view on yoga pants ;). I first tried the Martha Stewart pyjama pattern, it’s free on the web. It was OK, but not perfect.

Lavender Bags – diy

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As I wrote here earlier, our house is pretty small. The first floor is the only top floor and has slanted ceilings. Not practical for closets. Good thing our bathroom is big enough to hold two wardrobe closets. With some creative storing, enough for the two of us.

Unfortunately we don’t have something like an attic, where we can store off-season stuff like winter boots or coats. Shoes can easily be put in a box, coats are stored in our closets. That’s how I realized I really need to clean out mine because with these winter clothes stored it almost explodes 😉

Tent Poles and Knitting Needles

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I just came back from a very relaxing, mind wise, holiday in the Saksische Schweiz. An area in Germany with beautiful sand-stone formations. We did loads of hiking/crawling up and downhill with beautiful sights as a reward. When back at the camp site where we put our tent, the best days ended with board games and knitting.

Knitting Virus

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Last 2 weeks I could do a lot of knitting, because I was having a cold and wasn’t able to do more than hang around on the couch and knit my way through the day.

In that time I finished a sweater and immediately casted on 3 other projects. So far for my policy of ‘only cast on a project if another one is finished’. I looked for the boundaries of my own rules and figured this (still) wasn’t rulebreaking. I will show you my new projects, but first the finished ones:

Vegan Meringues

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I made some curry last weekend (this is my go to recipe) and when I was adding the chickpeas I figured I could use the chickpea-water (also known as aquafaba) to make some meringue. I tried it once before and it was a huge success. Literally, because the whipped aquafaba grew bigger than my kitchen machine could handle.

Cat in a Box

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As I probably mentioned before: we have a small house and a big garden. And it is much easier to plant more trees and flowers in a spacious garden than it is to coordinate items in a house that is smaller than the places we lived before.

We see it as a challenge and try to create storage place in a small space. For our first (and only above ground level) floor, we had to think of a solution for the slanted roof. On one side there were already cabinets created by installing sliding doors.

Sew It (for) Myself

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In this house we try not to buy a lot of clothes. And if we do buy a piece of clothing almost all the times it is fair-trade, eco or both. Just because we don’t want to fuel the system that does harm to people and environment.

It sometimes can be hard, because, when you are looking for a specific item, it can be that the (growing number of) eco/fair clothing shops don’t have it in store. A big help in our search is always Project CeCe – a platform where they combine conscious clothing brands and you can search their stock (I know it is a Dutch and German platform, but I am sure more platforms like this exist in other countries).