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Vegan Witch Fingers

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Halloween is quit new for me. Of course I knew the concept and all that comes with it, but never had children outside my front door all dressed up. That changed last year,… Read More

15 Minute Maple Syrup Cookies

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Since we are in the kitchen waiting ’til the pumpkin soup is done, we can make these super fast cookies. I found the ‘base’ recipe when I searched for vegan cookie alternatives during… Read More

Fresh Pumpkin Soup

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Autumn has arrived and those bright orange pumpkins are decorating doorways, supermarket alleys and gardens. Since orange is the national color of my home country and pumpkin a perfect autumn vegetable (or is… Read More

Tomato Rocket Pasta

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Living in a country that is not your home country makes you looking for people in the same situation. That’s how I learn to make Italien and Indian dishes from the friendliest people…. Read More

Chocolate Peanut Butter Candybar

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) There are still a lot of people who think that when you are eating vegan, you can only eat salad and you will be hungry for the entire day. I am not vegan,… Read More

Super Simpel Cherry Ice-cream

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Since it is summer and I love ice-cream, an ice-cream recipe! While we were doing the VeggieChallenge (read more about it here) I tried some ice-cream recipes without the eggs and milk. Nope,… Read More

Fast Food Vegan

<voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden> For the month July we are participating in the ‘Veggiechallenge‘. The challenge is about eating less animal products and is not a competition but more about exploring and thinking (cooking/eating) out of the… Read More