Category: Moving Updates

New Year, New House

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Yes, we did it! We moved into our little house. We still have loads to do, but it is finished enough to live in. I will show you some pics of the interior… Read More

Raise the curtain…. on the curtains – DIY

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) An easy diy to go from a curtain with loops to a curtain with hooks With the third move in 6 years the only things we needed to buy were a microwave oven… Read More

Settling – vegan shopping

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) While typing this, I am enjoying the sun and a nice view of our new backyard! The large windows are so perfect! With a real garden we also have to do garden work…. Read More

Mishmash moving post

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Currently it is a bit chaotic here, as in boxes are everywhere and (almost) everything Ikea has been taken apart. This time, next week, I will be sitting in our new-home-for-a-year in Holland. Sooo… Read More

I like to move it, move it….

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) …I like to move it, move it, we like to… move it!! I wish I liked moving as much as I they do in the Madagascar movie, because we are on the move again…. Read More

Moving Update #6 Decorating our hallway

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) This week I decided to get rid of some empty walls and start decorating (nope no Christmas decorations yet, we will get a Christmas tree this weekend). The fun thing is we already… Read More

Moving Update #5

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Finally, moving days are over (we had to go back and get the boxes that didn’t fit the next day, an extra 700 km) and a lot of boxes are unpacked! We try… Read More

Moving Update #4

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) I told you in the last moving update that we got the key to our new apartment last weekend. The apartment was still as nice as we imagined, unfortunately it was very dirty. I am… Read More

Moving Update #3

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Moving day is getting closer. And this weekend we get the key. That means: we are going to drive 3 1/2 hours on Saturday to the new apartment, get the key, clean and… Read More

Moving Update #2

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Sorry, I didn’t manage my time very well. Just a brief moving update. We officially got the apartment! Yeah! And we arranged we can stay until the end of September in our old… Read More