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DIY Key Chain

(voor nederlands scroll naar beneden) The Big Bang Theory is quite popular and my boyfriend is a big fan. He can burst out in laughter when he is watching an episode on his laptop, even when he is… Read More

Rice Cushion To Keep You Warm – Microwavable

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Why is it always too late when you notice you will need a lot of time for your project? I am working hard to finish the presents for Christmas and I think I… Read More

DIY Travel Pillow

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Wow, 9 years already. And my love is going on a work trip next week. That includes long flights and waiting and missing his darlings of course. So a little gift to celebrate… Read More

DIY Labels (fabric)

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) It started with occasional socks or a scarf for a friend or family member. Since last holidays, where I made about 14 gifts, I started thinking about labeling. That way people can sell… Read More

Starry Starry Pants

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) About half a year ago I saw a tutorial for DIY galaxy shoes and always kept it in the back of my head, but never made the shoes. Last week H&M launched a… Read More

Postcard Poster DIY

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) We have two little hairy monsters walking around our house, and sometimes the garden. They are curious, sweet, soft and hilarious. But they are also naughty, insisting and stubborn. And they have their… Read More

DIY Cover for your e-reader (from an old T-shirt and a cardboard box)

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) When I bought a Kindle as a birthday present for my boyfriend, I also wanted to have a cover. Because I am very careful with stuff I just bought, especially when it is… Read More

Bracelets for your friends (or for you)

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) The other day I noticed that home-made bracelets are back and rocking a lot of wrists! Well, maybe they are not home made at all, but they look like the ones I used… Read More

‘Upyarn’ your mirror

(voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden) Sometimes you have something lying around for so long and just when the moment comes you want to throw it away, you come up with an idea. I have to admit that a… Read More

Dyeing wool with turmeric

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) Since I love to knit (find me on Ravelry)  and I have a strange obsession with dyeing these days, I show you my first dye project I did. And it was with turmeric. There… Read More