Knits and bits of sewing

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A while ago I posted about the Alone Together Sweater, a pattern design from @laerkebagger which is a free pattern to drag us all through lock downs and social distancing. Her take on knitting is so refreshing and different. I love it that it goes against knitting rules like tying knots in yarn and mixing different kinds of yarn.

DIY – Stability Training Tool

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When the fitness center was still open, you know back in the days ;), I would use a wobble board now and then to train my ankles and overall balance. The tool was not a fancy half fitness bosu ball or of another complex design. It consisted of a round wooden plate with a small half ball on the back. So when you try to stand on it it can move to all sides.

I always did some home training when our country wasn’t in lock down. So we have a bit of weights and bands in the house. And was also thinking of a stability tool, like the one we have at our fitness center. But they are pretty expensive (at least the wooden ones).

Because the tool didn’t look that complicated, I figured, why not try to make one myself?

Gifting Tips

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Verkleedkist met naam

If you want to give something special, these holidays, or the rest of the year, consider giving something that is more than ‘just stuff’. Giving away your time and attention is in my opinion priceless and there are gifts that are way more personal than a cologne or pair of socks. And it doesn’t need to be difficult at all!

Our new residents

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In my last post I introduced our new indoor residents. But what I didn’t show you is that our little pasture got new residents as well! We now have 4 chickens that we got from our neighbors, who are moving and were looking for a new place for their chickens. The awesome chicken coop came with the chickens. Well, we had to move it ourselves, with a lot of help from other neighbors with a forklift.

Easy Cat Toys DIY

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The house is was pretty quiet lately without Bloem, our cat, around. Her brother, Johnnie, is very laid back and she was the more feisty type, so you can imagine that the atmosphere was strangely different.

We gave ourselves a bit of time, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before there would be some furry friends added to the family. When we came living here the idea was to expand our family. I’m still sad about the fact Bloem can’t meet some future family members.

However, the two new fur balls who are living here for about 2 months now, wouldn’t go well together with Bloem because of her temper. Johnnie needs also time to adjust to the new situation, but he is mostly scared. It’s strange to see that he runs away from them, because he is about 3 times their size!

The Alone Together Sweater

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A few posts ago I already wrote about the different initiatives that made life in lockdown a little easier. One of those was the Alone Together Sweater: a free sweater pattern from the talented @laerkebagger that she posted on her instagram. This sweater can be knitted with stash yarn you have lying around in your home and is a bright and colorful project.

Good for me, because for a long time I was admiring @laerkebagger’s knitwear and a stash yarn sweater was on my to do knit list.

Our lovely Bloem

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On the 22th of June our beloved, crazy, beautiful cat Bloem, who had a huge personality got hit by a car and passed away. The two days I after that I was so sad and could only cry most of the time. We were in the middle of building of our carport and that eventually was a nice distraction and gave my head a bit of rest.

Getting Ready for the Mascarade

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You have probably never heard the word ‘face mask’ as much as during this covid-time. So here is my contribution 😉

With Love

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Thought a little love-spreading never hurts someone. I made a postcard and I want to share the template with you guys. I hope you are going to share it with people who can use a little love right now.

It’s a diy postcard template which can be downloaded (click one of the images below) in a rectangle or square shape. Print it on a piece of thick paper or an empty postcard. Then create a nice flower which can be pasted on top of the stem. I challenge you to be creative and embroider, crochet, draw, punchneedle, fold or do whatever it takes. Or use this special technique to make flowers out of coffee filters.

Working Out from Home

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Most of the world is in some sort of quarantine nowadays. And although it are difficult times in a lot of different ways I also see the most heartwarming things happen on social media (yay for still connecting to the world without going somewhere!).