The Collab Dress

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In the previous post I told you that I would later share my special dress with you. I wore it last week at my brothers wedding, so now I can show it here as well . Because I am not a real ‘high heels and evening dress’ kind of person I wanted to make a dress that would fit me, as well as be festive. Plus I was my brothers witness, so an extra reason to make something special. Check it out/Lees meer

Knitting and Sewing in progress

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Stormy weather calls for knitting! So knitting is what I do. Oh and sewing, because sometimes I need a little break from knitting. I thought it was time to give you guys an update. Check it out/Lees meer

Autumn Apple Muffins – vegan recipe

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It’s that time of the season again! That time you want to add pumpkin spices to almost everything you cook and bake. And together with some chestnuts from the garden (we didn’t know we had our own tree, until my dad found some nuts in the grass!) and a bit of apple, you get yummy autumn muffins! Check it out/Lees meer

Dog Scarf – DIY

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Dog Scarf
Now that Halloween is over, get ready for Christmas. Well, still enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn, but the colder weather is a perfect reason to start making those Christmas presents.

In this case, a dog scarf with the name of the dog! A nice gift for dog lovers and easy to sew. Check what I did below. Check it out/Lees meer

Trip to Heidelberg

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Since February of this year we are living in Holland again. Before that we lived close to Heidelberg. And now we are going to visit Heidelberg again, just for a few days. I think it will be strange to be back, but also nice. A bit sad that the weather prediction isn’t really positive.

So a good excuses to visit a few places from my ‘Vegan Food Places in Heidelberg’ and see if it is still an accurate list!

Check it out/Lees meer

Gracefully Cover a Stain – diy

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After only wearing it 2 times, I already got a grease stain in my new tunic. My mom told me: ‘nope, that is not something you can wash out’… What now? The stain was too visible to keep wearing the tunic. Check it out/Lees meer

Recipe Inspiration – Vegan Fudge

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There are way too many yummy recipes around and I try out a few new ones every month or so. The one I made recently happened to be delicious! So why think of something new, when you have a nice recipe to follow? check it out/lees meer

I was at Puur Fair

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When I found out that there would be a sustainable lifestyle fair in Amsterdam I had to go! And we went. It was at the Westergasterrein, an old factory area in the northern part of Amsterdam, that is now used for all sorts of creative events. Check it out/Lees meer

Almond Ice-cream with chocolate and sea salt – vegan recipe

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I made a lot of ice-cream the last few years, but nut flavours weren’t featured. Mostly because I didn’t know how to get the nut in the ice without a lumpy texture. I decided to try it with home made nut paste (also the first time I made my own nut paste) and it actually was pretty easy! Why didn’t I try this earlier?

Inspired by the ‘Dark Chocolate with almonds and sea salt’ Tony Chocolonely chocolate bar, I made almond ice-cream with drips of dark chocolate and a pinch of salt. It is a very rich ice-cream and fits the autumn evenings perfectly! Check it out/Lees meer

T-shirts in the remake

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t-shirt remake
It looks like the pile of clothes I want to refashion only gets bigger. Even after remaking 4 shirts. I think it has something to do with being confronted with how many clothing there actually is in that pile.

Above is pictured what I changed into wearable items. This way I can see that I actually made an effort to get through a never ending DIY stack. As long as it makes me smile 🙂 Check it out/Lees meer